Standard Tank colors-White exterior/blue interior.

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18 Gallon

12 Gallon

26 Gallon

Optional LED

Don't stress em, keep em relaxed in the Bait Jacuzzi!

Made in the USA
 Manufactured in Upstate South Carolina.

Bait Jacuzzi offers 26, 18 & 12 gallon rotationally molded insulated bait tanks. The Bait Jacuzzi comes complete ready to use with filtration, circulation, insulation as well as aeration. Tanks run on a 12 volt DC system.

Battery not included.



26 Gallon measures 21 1/2" dia.  X  24" in height.

18 Gallon measures 18 1/2" dia.  X  22" in height.

12 Gallon measures 18 1/2" dia. X  14" in height.

12 ,  18  and 26 Gallon Tanks

Insulated and aerated bait tanks